After many months of tinkering, this is the most recent version of my retro gaming system. As you can see it has really come a long, long way! It has a 7 inch touch screen intended to make it easy to use with KODI and a few more than 16,000 games are stored on it now. After many hours of "testing" with my friends, I am slowly moving towards a version that can be installed in my cars dashboard for entertaining passengers and playing movies and music. The system can be plugged into any HDMI TV when I want to use it at home, and can also run on rechargeable lithium batteries when on the go. The next version will also contain every game from the first Playstation console (PSX), Capcom Play System 1, 2, 3 and all of the games from the Sega CD.  I am still searching for a complete ROM set of ScummVM. Once found, I will add that into the following build as well.

Also of note, I have had so much interest in these consoles that I have started an online store. To date I have sold almost 70 consoles!

This week I slapped together a little video advertisement for fun. Check it out below and feel free to share!